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Research by the LIFE Languages™ Institute shows that the number one reason for personal and company relationship failure, is mis- or non-communication.


People who don’t feel understood, appreciated and part of a culture that cares, simply don’t function to their fullest potential, and if that continues they will eventually shut down, do less, or leave.


This is a common problem that can easily be solved.


Further research has shown that we all speak seven LIFE Languages™, and that by knowing what they are, how they operate in and through us, we can learn to communicate quickly, effectively and at a much deeper and more rewarding level.


These LIFE Languages fall into three categories:


FEELING Languages, THINKING Languages and ACTION Languages.


Learning HOW and WHY we, and those around us FEEL, THINK and ACT, and then applying that knowledge is the key to creating and maintaining ongoing and profitable relationships.


LIFE Languages™ is that key!


Summary of the seven LIFE Languages™ and the three categories.


LIFE Languages


The Kinetic/Action Languages


Movers tend to be proactive people who act before thinking or feeling. They are risk-takers, action oriented, honest and frank, with high energy. They can be concerned with the motives of self and others. They are good at starting things but not so good at finishing.


Doers tend to be action-oriented, now-oriented, good maintainers, responsive to what is happening now. They spend little time on personal introspection and enjoy meeting practical needs. They are time conscious, and tend to do what is necessary to be successful.


The Emotive or Feeling Languages


Influencers tend to be highly verbal, encouraging, enthusiastic, innovative, people-oriented, future-oriented, solution focused, and not necessarily controlled by time. High influencers tend to be natural cheerleaders and networkers.


Responders tend to be feeling-oriented, creative, sympathetic, affectionate, people-oriented, and not controlled by time or schedules. Responders desire to help and relieve the emotional pain of others.


The Cognitive or Thinking Languages


Shapers tend to be concerned about results and will sacrifice short-range gratification or relationships for long-range goals. High Shapers like to delegate. They are time- and quality- conscious, see the overall strategy and know how to plan to bring something into being.


Producers tend to be excellent money managers, event planners, gracious and hospitable. They usually have good verbal skills, operate from a position of sufficiency and are time-conscious. High Producers tend to retire with financial dignity.


Contemplators rely on reasoning, logic, and process orientation. They are loyal, good listeners, and thorough researchers. They tend to think before doing anything. They are not overly time conscious and often are mentally preoccupied. They tend to have unique spatial needs.





“The Life Languages seminar is the most helpful team building tool that we as a team have used to date. Not only does it help you to understand yourself better, but also those with whom you live and work. I highly recommend the LIFE Languages™ Seminar.

John Arnott, Founding Pastor, Catch The Fire Toronto


"Having spent a lot of my career involved in training and now in the role of HR director for an organisation that employs 112,000 people I was not sure what I would get out of the LIFE Languages course. What I learnt in such a short time was illuminating, incisive and thought provoking. I was amazed at my test results; they were so accurate and as the day unfolded it was like switching the lights on in areas of darkness. Paul and Jenni were perfect hosts and leaders with a real depth of knowledge and experience in LIFE Languages. Thank you for a great day."

Dickie Davis, HR Director


Life Languages is an amazing tool to benefit relationships! I've benefited from this course two ways. I understand the other leaders at our church much better. I now have a skill set to be able to understand why they think and vocalize the way they do. I have far less stress in meetings now that I know that people are simply processing and communicating in a valid way, that just happens to be different than me. The second way is far more important to me. My relationship with my wife and children is massively better because of taking Life Languages. Sandra and I are almost total opposites in how we think, process and communicate. Once we understood each other's language we are not only able to communicate better, but we work as a team much more effectively. I highly recommend Life Languages! Paul and Jenni are two of the most amazing people you will want to meet. They are incredibly life giving as individuals and more so as a couple. They model all that is good in life, in relationships, and in business. They are great communicators who will help you on your personal journey!

Steve Long, Senior Pastor of Catch The Fire Toronto


Discover WHY you THINK, FEEL and ACT the way you do.



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